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Mental Math 

Discover our Math Adventure series! Dive into a world of mathematical wonders, from arithmetic tricks to global math techniques. Engage in hands-on activities, games, and puzzles that foster problem-solving, critical thinking, and logical reasoning skills. Join us for an exciting journey through the realm of mathematics!


2 Weeks - 10 Sessions

3 Age Groups: 
4-6 yrs | 7-9 yrs |  10-12 yrs

Live 1 hour Online Class 

Batch Size: 12 - 20 Students

Course Schedule 

Price: ₹ 2,999/- ₹ 1,999/- 

(All timings in IST)

Topics Covered 

2 Weeks - 10 Sessions

Monday through Friday

Session 1 (Monday) 

Math Magician Tricks: Number Line Mastery & Arithmetic 

Session 2 (Tuesday)  

Math Around the World: Cultural Math & Fine Motor Skills 

Session 5 (Friday) 

Data Detectives: Data Analysis & Graphs 

Session 3 (Wednesday)  

Code Cracker Challenge: Logical Reasoning & Problem-Solving 

Session 4 (Thursday) 

Division Sizzlers: Simplified Division & Math Challenges 

Session 6 (Monday) 

Measurement Mania: Introduction to Measurement & Activities 

Session 7 (Tuesday) 

Superhero Shape Squad: Shape Identification & Geometric Concepts 

Session 8 (Wednesday) 

Telling Time Travel: Time Concepts & Challenges 

Session 9 (Thursday) 

Two Truths, One Lie: Math Games & Campfire Sessions 

Session 10 (Friday) 

Great Math Adventure: Map Study & Challenges 

*Course content subject to change based on feedback. 

Additional Resources 

Receive a digital worksheet after every session along with a class summary with list of activities. 

Get a digital certificate post-completion of the workshop. 

Outcomes for students 

Experience an Engaging Summer Break 

Deep Understanding of Necessary Concepts 

Learning of Crucial Soft Skills  

Participation in Group Activities 

Gain Knowledge about math tricks and techniques 


What happens after the payment? 

You will receive a confirmation message confirming your enrolment within 24 hours. You will be added to a WhatsApp group with your peers and your class teacher 2 days before your course begins. In this group, you will receive important updates regarding the course. Simply register now, relax, and leave the rest to us!

How do I join the Live class? 

Once enrolled, sign in to using your registered mobile number. A quick OTP login will take you to your homepage displaying all upcoming sessions. 5 minutes before your class time, you will see a "Join now" option. Click the pop up to enter the class. 

Can I join these classes from my phone?

While you can join classes from your phone, we recommend using a laptop, desktop, or tablet for the optimal experience. A larger screen provides better interaction and engagement for children, while using a mobile phone may have some limitations. 

What if I need to reach out for some query? 

Got questions? WhatsApp us at +91 9513771020. We're here Mon-Sat: 10am-9pm (IST), Sun: 10am-7pm (IST). You can also email us at We're happy to help! 

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Student Gallery

Students showcasing their math skills by sending us videos of the quick math techniques they learn in the class.

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