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Customised Course Plans

Tailor-Made Course Plans for Students by Academic Counsellors. Our panel of academic counsellors assesses each student to create a customised curriculum that meets the individual needs

Personalised Attention

One-to-One Premium Classes with Expert Tutors for Customised Learning. Our expert tutors offer maximum personal attention by solving the student’s doubts and helping them with their homework. .

Conceptual Clarity

One-to-One Premium Classes with Expert Tutors for Customised Learning. In our One-to-One premium classes, our expert tutors offer maximum personal attention by solving the student’s doubts and helping them with their homework.

One-to-One Premium Classes with Expert Tutors for Customised Learning. Our expert tutors offer maximum personal attention by solving the student’s doubts and helping them with their homework. 

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Courses we offer

Structured/Exam Preparation Couses

  •  For students in classes 6-12 that tackle individual subjects, such as CBSE Class 10 Maths or Class 11.
    JEE Physics or SAT Preparation, and is taught by a team of premium one-to-one tutors who provide personalised attention.

Java & Python Courses

  • We provide students courses in programming languages like Java & Python.
    From basic to intermediate learners, our courses offer a flexible and effective way to achieve your objectives.

French Courses

  • Each individual is thoroughly assessed with a free introductory session by our expert teachers, and the curriculum is designed to fit the student perfectly.
    The comprehensive classes cover and enhance grammar, writing, and speaking.

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Stories that inspire

Don’t just take our word for it. Listen to our students' inspiring stories and learn how Vedantu has made a meaningful impact in their lives by helping them cruise through their learning journey.

My son Janesh enrolled in Vedantu JEE Foundation course and coached with Ms. Shilpa Mam. Compared to the past his interest and understanding in math has improved a lot. Janesh recently participated in LogIQids mental aptitude Olympiad. We are glad to inform you that he has cleared the 1st round and qualified for the final round of the Olympiad. Janesh was able to secure 81st rank at Zonal level which includes participation from 12 countries 72,915 students participated in grade 8.


Rank 81 of 72915 students

LogIQids Olympiad

Vedantu teachers are professional and knowledgeable in their respective fields. They provide personalized guidance to their students and are always willing to answer any questions. They are also patient and understanding, making it easy for students to learn and understand the material. Furthermore, their passion and dedication to teaching make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for a great learning experience. Overall, Vedantu teachers are highly recommended for anyone looking for quality education.

Agastya Menon

ICSE Class 10 Student

Have questions?

What is One-to-One Class?

Introducing OTO, Vedantu's One-to-One learning program! With OTO, students receive complete syllabus preparation, personalised attention from a specific tutor, and the flexibility to learn difficult topics and clarify doubts on their own schedule. Plus, we can create customised learning programs for the entire academic year.

What are the benefits of One-to-One online classes?

Experience the ultimate personalised education with Vedantu's One-to-One online classes! Our program offers flexible scheduling to fit your unique learning needs, and the ability to learn at your own pace.

At present, One-to-One classes are available for students of classes 3-13.

Which students can take One-to-One classes?

For which Boards are One-to-One classes available?

Currently, Vedantu is offering One-to-One classes for CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE, State Boards, Australian Board & Common Core (USA).

What is the medium of instruction?

Vedantu One-to-One classes are available in English and Hindi.

How I can purchase One-to-One classes with Vedantu?

Please share your details above. The concerned team will get in touch with you for more support.

Is there an option to experience the One-to-One class?

Yes, you can opt for a Free Demo to experience the One-to-One Class. Please share your details in this form (Add Link) to book a Demo Class.

Is the Vedantu Improvement Promise (VIP) applicable for One-to-One classes?

No, Vedantu's policy of guaranteed marks improvement is not applicable to One-to-One classes.

Do you conduct tests based on student's needs?

Yes, tests are conducted by the tutors as per the student’s need and requirement. The same is aligned with the parents as well.

What does the class schedule look like?

The class schedule is fixed at the start of the course based on the student's schedule and their areas of improvement assessed by the tutor. However, in terms of duration, the classes are generally scheduled for 1 hour.

You can pay through Credit Card, Debit Card, Online transfer, EMI and other modes. This is however dependent on your geographic location. Once you decide to purchase our course, do visit our payment page to see the full list of options.

What would be the mode of payment for the tuition fee?

If you are not available for your regular scheduled sessions, you can let us know in advance and we can get the same rescheduled.

What If I miss my regular session?

This is completely as per the student's requirement. However, we generally schedule the classes for 1 hour.

What will be the class duration?

Are the sessions recorded? How can I access the recordings?

Yes, all the session are recorded. In case you want to access the same you can login and access it from your course page. This is included in your course plan.

 Is there any expiry date to my purchased course?

Yes, the expiry depends on the course hours purchased. Your Account Manager will help you out with the particulars.

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